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Blogmonkey : Everything is relative to everything else

Simply said, that what you see it’s not what it is, it is just an illusion of the imagination witch is a fabrication of the subconscious

Future’s past now

Thinking in terms of time; only one thing comes to mind, time is just an illusion. Being unaware of the time illusion fact; it seems only natural to admit that there is an element of truth hidden beneath the surface. One can only look to see clearly beyond the obvious, and to understand that only … Continue reading Future’s past now


Blast from the past FLASHBACK

Henry David Thoreau Walden Chapter I: Economy

  Walden Pond Alternatively titled Walden (1854) is probably the most famous writing of American author and transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was not buried deep in the wilderness, reflecting in solitude, capturing varmints, and skinning them with his teeth in order to survive. His cabin was not far from the edge of town, his … Continue reading Henry David Thoreau Walden Chapter I: Economy